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        • Company concentrates on technology research and development

          Company concentrates on technology research and development and has more than 40 inventions and new practical patents. 

        • Core parts

          Our company cooperates with Mitsubishi in the machine parts, safety sections and electrical parts of elevator and selects original and import sections of Mitsubishi electric machine.

        • First-class service quality

          We coordinate each demand of customers uniformly, pay return visits to customers regularly and perfect each mechanism persistently to improve service quality continuously.

        • ABOUT US

          ABOUT US


          Baoding Shenling Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in the manufacture, sale, installation, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of elevator, which is a certificate company of national elevator manufacture and installation of class A. The Company has three brands, focusing on technical research and it has over forty inventions and utility model patents. The elevator balance coefficient test method proposed by the company is received favorable report of AQSIQ and it is adopted. Based on strong leading-edge technology and world-class production facilities, Shenling elevator has the advantage of comprehensive manufacture of electrical machinery by using sets of Mitsubishi top technologies and products and combining the production as one of safe, simple and high-quality.




        Address of Company: No. 5699, University Science Park, North Second Ring Road,
        Baoding City

        Sales Hotline: 4008—128—338

        Technical Support: 4008—128—336




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